Over the past six months I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with a beautiful brand called Ruwaya, by Fatima Al Dhaheri. A new and exclusive luxury jewellery brand created by an Emirati designer who takes her inspiration from her family, Arabic aesthetics and UAE culture.

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Ruwaya is named after Fatima’s grandmother and captures her “strong and beautiful” spirit and after watching the brand grow over the months Fatima has also grown into exactly that. Her passion for her brand is like no other. She lives and breathes ever aspect from the design, concept, packaging right through to client experience and even social media . The attention to detail is next to perfection all because Fatima has her eye on the ball constantly and is so strong in her future vision of the brand. I have lost count of how many times I have been told how refreshing this is in our surroundings and I completely agree. So many people think the fashion industry is easy but the truth is its the most saturated industry in the world and only people like Fatima who will do anything they can to make their brand a success combined with true talent make the grade! She has even said to me multiply times ‘I honestly didnt realise this industry was so hard’.


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With that said, all the hard work was very worth it when we officially launched with the help of the amazing Harpers Bazaar Arabia team, in the stunning setting of the One and Only, The Palm Courtyard.

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Ruwaya combines vivid aesthetics with raw beauty, and is unlike any other high-end jewellery brand on the market. Each exquisite, handcrafted piece is totally unique and features precious stones sourced directly by Fatima from all corners of the globe.

Ruwaya is named after her grandmother, a strong and beautiful woman, who was very creative.

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“Ruwaya stands for all that my grandmother embodied, but it’s also about all of the strong, bold and beautiful women from this region,” said Fatima. “We chose a woman’s name because we really wanted to focus on the femininity of the brand.

“Ruwaya is for everyone – Arab women, Western women and women from other cultures as well. It’s for any woman who wants to feel special and beautiful with the jewellery they are wearing, and for the woman who loves to make a statement.”

A statement was certainly made last night with a ‘Secret Garden’ themed event which centred around one of the Dujaan collection pieces, named The Flower Garden. Another vision Fatima was so clear on was how this event would look, how every element was created and the experience every guest would take away with them. The same precise attention to detail to goes into each item.

The creation of every Ruwaya piece begins with the stone. Fatima travels the world in search of precious stones that “talk” to her through their energy, their colour and their radiance and then uses each stone’s unique personality to craft her vision.

As the piece takes shape, the physical attributes of the stone help define the final design.

Every detail is carefully considered, and evolves organically throughout the creation process, ensuring that each piece has a different personality and a different story to tell. This ensures that each item of jewellery is completely original.

Beautiful trees and greenery were installed along with large pastel pink and blue flowers at the entrance and draped over the gates to enhance the secret garden feel by Julia Volet. Candles and fire pits lined the fountain centre piece with each collection displayed in beautiful custom made glass cabinets.

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“I’m very proud of the fact each item of jewellery is handmade and truly unique,” said Fatima. “Ruwaya is not ‘design and produce’ jewellery. It’s very important that each piece is one of a kind so our clients know they are wearing something very special – this is something I believe sets us apart in the industry.”


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The models were styled beautifully by Harpers Bazaar’s head stylist Katie in Rami Al Ali’s ready to wear collection. Pastel pinks styles were chosen in keeping with the signature colour of Ruwaya for the models to walk around the afternoon tea style set up and sit with the guests whilst talking about the items they were wearing. The next collection included bright red and emerald greens which complimented the Dujaan collection as the sun set on the courtyard.

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The event was a proud moment for all of us involved in Ruwaya after working closely for the past six months. Fatima is one of the most passionate people I have met who cares deeply about her brand, each item and the direction that Ruwaya will go. She is involved in every element of her business intensely and has created a brand close to perfection. I am so excited about the next step and the future of Ruwaya.

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Ruwaya • www.ruwayajewellery.com • By appointment only


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