When I visit a new place my first task is to find somewhere to stay that completely represents where I’m staying. To me a chain hotel with marble as far as the eye can see is very nice but completely pointless! When Im away, I want to know where I am and be completely surounded by all it has to bring.

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So when Miami came up I knew I needed to find somewhere that was as old skool Miami as possible! Im talking ‘old-guys-in-floral-shirts-playing-dominos-on-the-street-side-smoking-cuban-cigars-to-the-sound-of-the-latin-jazz-in-the-background’ type Miami.

So after much research I found my perfect boutique hotel match… Circa 39.

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Circa 39 is a chic boutique guest house style hotel in an art deco building, just one block (so American!) from the beach. The restored hotel is an interior decorators dream and mine too!

The inside lobby, Wunder bar and Jules restaurant are just as beautiful as the outdoor spaces, garden and pool area. The hotel is cute and small and well…just perfect!

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As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the decor. An eclectic mix of ‘beach house chic’ and ‘Miami vice brights’. This gorgeous space has greenery growing from the walls, brightly coloured cushions in mismatch fabrics, wooden bohemian style furniture, candles, lanterns, shells, bright orange wallpaper with green painted accent walls and so much more. Someone once said little is more but this place is just more is more AND.ITS.FABULOUS!!!

I could of sat in that dreamy lobby/bar area for my whole stay, reading books, drinking exotic drinks with flowers hanging delicately on the side of the glass and wearing a sweeping kaftan with sunglasses that make my face look like a bug. (Thats literally my dream life – Don’t Judge). However we dropped our bags off to the tiny but perfectly decorated room and with a hop skip and a jump we were chilling by what felt like our own private pool.

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The beauty with these boutique type houses is that if you don’t have many other guests staying at the same time (or they at least are polite enough to stay away) you feel like its your own private home away from home.

The beautiful theme was carried out to the pool area with Malawi chairs, bright cushions and canopy areas all sealed in with greenery covered walls.

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The Wunderbar Miami Beach cocktail bar created us some whimsical, masterfully mixed cocktails full of color and personality. They use fresh ingredients and flavours with their main focus being rum (another Miami stereotype.. tick!). The staff are friendly and welcoming which is basically the cherry on the top of this gorgeous, bright, vacation cocktail that is Circa 39!

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When I have made my millions, I will probably just move in….Hmmm but what will I wear?

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Circa 39 Miami •  www.circa39.com •


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