After driving past the entrance to the hotel several times and wondering why the sat nat lady was so certain that this random building with no name was in fact The Mondrian
, I decided to go in and find out for myself!


Located on Sunset Boulevard, I entered the lobby and was hit straight in the face with another amazing scent, very distinctive! Like no other but delicious and fruity! The lobby was light and airy and everyone in it seemed to belong! Apart from me apparently as when I quizzed the receptionist as to why the hell there was no sign or inkling that this place was here. I was told ‘if you know you know!’ I could have been quite put off by this concept but instead I knew that this was going to be a very special stay!


Our room was a huge suite with a balcony view overlooking the LA skyline and the famous Sky Bar which was always busy, in a good way! We were asked to move away from the pool for a private party one afternoon. We sat watching from our balcony and when we asked the reception later on who the party was for, she casually said it was JayZ’s Tidal party. It was the Tidal X Meel Mill Pool Party with celebs like French Montana, Nicki Minaj and Nick Cannon and probably a few more but I’m not cool enough to know who they are!!


My favourite part of the hotel (other than the fact they have a swing in the lobby… A SWING…IN THE LOBBY!) was the Herringbone restaurant! Nomadic in design with faux fur, ropes, and brass finishings! This place oozes cool! Outside takes on the whole indoors – outdoors concept with sofas, lampshades and side tables. We had dinner and breakfast here and each time we were treated to a fabulous LA view through the glass windows and our very own coal lit fire! Perfection in a hotel, I NEED TO GO BACK IMMEDIATELY and maybe even live there!!!


The Mondrian, LA •• +1 323-650-8999