Located in the back of a charming 6th arrondissement courtyard, Treize or 13 a Bakers Dozen is not easy to find unless you know what to look for. But then again, that is part of its charm. The cute courtyard is located next to a gorgeous flower shop (you will know its the right one if theres a book outside tucked behind the flower display (its there come rain or shine). Through the large ornate blue door and at the bottom of the lane you will find the stunning little restaurant/ bakeshop.

While tuck into your home-made cakes, you also get to oggle the gorgeous chandelier from one of the neighboring antique shops who felt it would be better to put it on display in a lovely place like Treize, than to let it just sit amongst the other crystal lamps. The result is a perfect balance in the color and style of the restaurant. It adds just a glimmer of glamour that makes Treize oh so Parisian, in the heart of this very special quarter of the city of lights.

Their menu changes with the seasons, and with the ingredients from their very awesome suppliers can get for them.  They do their best to make choices available for  vegans and vegetarians although to truly enjoy the cakes you need to love butter!

They are pretty picky about the meats and animal based ingredients and strongly believe – happy cows make better milk which makes better butter.

They serve brunch all day on Saturdays, weekdays untl noonish, and even sometimes on Sundays although the space is very small so it really is best to reserve.

From 4pm to 6ish every day they serve cocktails and cakes… its like teatime, but a bit more boozy!

16 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75007 Paris, France • +33 1 73 77 27 89



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